Tips for Effective Robocalls Campaign

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Robocalls are an easy, reliable and cheap method to reach target voters. Most candidates use it as a last minute get-out-the-vote call and frequently don't give as much attention to content as they should. Plan your robocalls or they can work against you.  Robocalls should also be used early in a campaign to survey voters on their perception of you as a candidate, their position on issues, etc.

Time of call: Most people don't like getting robocalls, so schedule the calling times to be the least disruptive.  Don't call at dinner or after 9PM. A robocall will leave a message on an answering machine for later listening.

Getting the list ready:  Limit your list to voters from your party who voted in the last 2-3 primaries or general elections.  Make sure your list is current. Lists will sometimes be provided by your party or can be purchased from a third party vendor, such as The list should consist of phone numbers, with area code, in an excel spreadsheet.

Message: The voter wants to know what you are going to do for them.  So, identify yourself and tell them.  The more the message relates to their everyday life the better. Be clear as to what you want them to do. "This Saturday go to the poll nearest you and vote for me, John Doe, for city council." Don't forget to add at the end "This message is paid for by......."  Keep the message around 30 seconds.  Most people won't listen longer than that and it costs more if it goes over 30 seconds.

Studies show that in a tight race a robocall can make the difference between winning and losing.

There are thousands of local elections annually throughout the United States.  School board, city council, sheriff, judge, the list goes on.  Most of the officials who comprise our democratic system are not career politicians with a large campaign staff and unlimited campaign funds.  They are everyday citizens who want to make their community better.  WinAnElection, a division of Fox Marketing and Print Group, LLC, is dedicated to developing affordable professional election campaign tools so more ordinary citizens can participate in our democratic processes. started by developing a collection of campaign tools for local political campaigns.  Hours of research and study was conducted on each product and service.  A team comprised of individuals from Fox Marketing and other participating companies was built on an idea:  Give the best, support it, and make it affordable. 

WinAnElection has a policy of encouraging input from candidates on the front line.  It is critical to receive honest reviews on current products and services. If we can improve it, we will. But it is just as important to get feedback on what is needed and not there.  We welcome emails and love new ideas.

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Ron Fox is the founder of WinAnElection. WinAnElection is dedicated to developing affordable professional election campaign tools so that more ordinary citizens can participate in our democratic processes and find ways how to win an election


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Tips for Effective Robocalls Campaign

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This article was published on 2012/05/10
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